Crochet Workshops

Fancy learning how to crochet in person? I can teach you!  

I have been teaching crochet for 3 years, I spent my first year teaching for free so I could learn just HOW to teach someone else.

I am highly experienced with teaching crochet, both in groups and individually on a one to one basis. The biggest skill I have learnt over my time teaching is to spot and decode mistakes! Mistakes are all part of the learning process and so you want a tutor that can spot them, dechiper just where you have gone wrong and then help to correct them!

My set lessons plans have been designed with you in mind; I have written and planned each class myself with the intention of building your skill set at a pace you are comfortable with and each lesson will teach you a new stitch or two which you will then perfect in the following class!

That is not to say, however, that you need attend all the classes in sequence. You can pick and choose which classes you do as they all are linked with common themes.

I have written in each lesson decription what you will need to be able to do for each class so you have total freedom to choose.

I teach beginner right through to advanced classes so whether you are a complete novice who has never so much as touched a crochet hook before, want to brush up on your skills or simply meet like minded people, then these workshops are for you!


Barnstaple Crochet Classes have now ended  CLICK HERE to like my Facebook page and be the first to hear of new crochet classes!

Please note - I do have pets at my home - this is something to consider if you suffer from pet allergies. My dogs will be crated and securely kept in another room so if you have a phobia of dogs, please do not worry! I cannot guarantee my cats won't pop in for a nosey hello but it is rare they show any interest in visitors!


Don't like group sessions? I can also offer one to one lessons, either at your home or mine - again, please email me for more information!

 My home craft room in Barnstaple where my lessons are taught

BARNSTAPLE LESSONS: Coming for 2017! Please email me for more information, or keep an eye on my Facebook Page :)


Teaching Granny Squares at The Periwinkle, Ilfracombe